First weight measgerment tool


The ancient Roman unit of measurement were built on the hellenic system with Egyptian , and Mesopotamian influence.
The Roma nunit were comparatively consistent and well documentted all units describe the source for process Measurement and control.

Evolution Process


A clean corporate uniqe,friendly color palette, classic coton Paper and dynamic photos displayed in classic dark blue & Sliver to create brand that walk a fine line between old and New and clearly expresses the collective value of the tow sides to this firm.
These elemnts work as the foundation of visual Identity,setting the tone for updated corporate mterials such As stationery,corporate folder, corporate brouche and Website

After the brand Evolution


the new corporate and marketing image and fresh diversfield rebranding will be the launched in april 2010 and has been recered by staff and clients for it's distinctive history vitality and personality which follows the quality of libra law firm intangible products and services which has greatky contributed to a more positive perception of the brand.
clear communication has facilitated competing on the world market,which will lead with high sales level recording a strong growth of their corporate brand name in Syria.