Rebuild Syria Exhibition opens 2017 And the participation of Libra as legal advisor to the exhibition
The Ambassadors of the Republic of Venezuela and the Republic of South Africa visited the Libra Pavilion at the Rebuild Syria Exhibition 2017.
Snapshots of the meeting of the management of Al Baraka Bank - Syria with a number of Arab and foreign investors participating in the exhibition of the Rebuild Syria 2017 sponsored by Libra law firm and Al-Bashek company for tading and fairs.

Snapshots for the distribution of attendance certificates and follow-up of legal training for Humans Rights - Rights of the Child - Womens Rights - Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) Which was held by Libra Law Firm in cooperation with UNRWA,which was held on Thursday 23/11/2017 at the headquarters of UNRWA